Delta 8 THC Dabbing Delta-8 Guide

Delta8 Dabbing

Being alive in 2021 doesn’t change the fact that cannabis is still a controlled substance. It does not appear to change in the foreseeable future. While states struggle internally for legalization, scientists have long explored alternative solutions. One way to completely avoid regulation. Here comes Delta-8.

Delta-8 THC is rare and valuable when we talk about cannabinoids. It has been shunned by breeders due to its spontaneous presence in trace amounts of the cannabis plant. While concentrates can be smoked and ingested orally, attenuation is a popular way to consume cannabis in this form. People find it as the easiest way to enjoy the high by consuming a small amount of product.

What is dabbing?

Dabbing is just like smoking cannabis with a bong. Instead of wrapping a bowl of dried buds, you burn a special form of hemp (extract or concentrate) instead. Then it’s like hitting a bong – you inhale the steam and fly away.

Dabbing gets its name from small blocks (or dabs) of concentrate, which in combination with a special set (dab rig) will get you completely and completely high.

What is Delta-8 Dab?

Delta 8 Dabs are concentrated smoke products. It can be oil, wax, and break are all concentrates or extractions. In this process of hydrocarbon extraction, companies separate the heads of the THCA glands from the plant material, leading to different types of concentrate depending upon solvent and temperature. Hash, rosin, and other concentrates can be made from the same plant material by using water and dry ice to make solvent-free concentrates. Both the wax and the break are concentrates of butane hash oil and provide similar effects, the only main difference being the appearance (the wax looks like honey and breaks like shards of glass). Due to their strength, they tend to be priced higher, often as low as $ 40 per gram. It is available in Pineapple Express, Green Crack, Agent Orange, or Lemon Kush.

High vs. low-temperature dabs

Most users appreciate their concentrates by using high-temperature doublets. The nail is heated by a flashlight, so the stains are removed a few seconds after a few seconds. While this provides the most intense THC action and will instantly dissolve the concentrate, it does have some drawbacks.

The first is roughness. High temperatures mean hot steam and will burn up to your throat. Expect lots of coughs and squeaks, especially if this is your first time dubbing. In addition, you also burn a lot of terpenes, which provide a concentrated taste. Finally, if the nail is too hot, you can burn the concentrate and completely destroy the drying experience.

While with low-temperature dubs, you regain great control over the core components of the concentrate. The terpenes are preserved, as are the more elusive cannabinoids. The taste will be much improved with full effect, and the risk of cruel hits is almost eliminated.

The downside is that you will need a carbide cap to get a satisfying amount of vapor, and the high won’t be as pronounced as the fast temperature. The best solution is to experiment with temperatures until you find a sweet taste point versus a change of mind.

What Do you Need To Take A Dab?

The methods used have improved and improved every day. But for starters, we’re going to simplify it and not complicate the process any more than necessary. First, let’s list the things you will need to take dubbing.

Dab set: This pipe is like a bong, except it will have a nail.
Nail: It’s like a bowl for your bong and where you put the concentrate. Today the standard is a quartz firecracker, which is shaped like a shovel. Ceramic and titanium are other options, and electronic nails are becoming more and more common. Make sure you have the right joint size where the nail slides into the dab platform – if your kit has a 14mm shank, you need a 14mm nail. Nails can also be male and female – for a female set, you need a male nail and vice versa.

Carb cap: While not necessary, one of them is strongly recommended to regulate the airflow. Combined dabber/carb caps are becoming more and more popular.
Torch: Mini burners used for crème Brulee are commonly used, but you will need to supply them with propane. Electronic nails are again becoming more common (but expensive) and reducing the need for torches.
Hemp extract: You can find them in a variety of forms, but the most common substances used for cleaning are broken, waxy, BHO, and solvent-free extracts like rosin.

Dabber: This tool helps to apply the concentrate to the nail. They can be made of metal, glass, or ceramic and have many shapes: ball, needle, paddle, spoon, paddle, etc. Choose the shape based on the texture and texture of the concentrate you are doubling.


Dab mat. Keep a clean, non-sticky surface.
Timer. Make sure you heat your nails evenly for individual spots.
How to dab on delta-8?

Step 1:

The first thing you need is the cannabis concentrate to start the dubbing. We recommend that you get your dabs from a reputable pharmacy with competent budtenders. Whether you’re buying dab on a tight budget or the best quality extracts available, ask your budtender questions to get you closer to your desired effect. If the product looks very dark, has other particles, or otherwise has special properties, ask for another brand that also carries concentrates.

Step 2:

Once you have the concentrate ready, it’s time to prepare the dab rig. The main safety concerns for the kits are the quality of the glass and the stability in the buffer station. When dubbing, it’s important to choose a better rig and firecracker, as they will have to withstand heat and regular use. Crystal is the best choice for firecrackers because it can withstand intense, regular heat. Electric kits, on the other hand, are ideal for beginners for several reasons: they are easy to use, robust, universal, and trouble-free cleaning.

Step 3:

When heating the firecracker, it is important to heat the crystal, but not to the point where the entire bottom of the firecracker turns red. However, you can use this method to clean firecrackers if they turn black inside, which is a byproduct that is not regularly clean after each session. The second thing to remember is to let the Banger/nail cool down to a lower temperature BEFORE releasing the drops. Burning cannabis oil at volatile temperatures is dangerous and harmful to the lungs. The general rule is to let the nail/banger cool down as long as you have warmed it up.

Step 4:

Start inhaling the concentrate very slowly and constantly turn the carb cap to expel a stream of air around the inside of the firecracker, which further heats the steamed hemp oil. Breathe in gently, and don’t forget to breathe out fully to free your lungs of all vapors.

Tips to make your dabbing experience perfect!

  1. Start small
  2. Make sure that your nail is seasoned
  3. Sit steady at your place while dabbing.
  4. Avoid using alcohol-based extracts for dabbing
  5. Store it in a silicon oil jar