Best Sativa Strains You could ever have!

best sativa strains

You must have heard about it as a social variety of cannabis; Sativa is popular among people for its energizing effects. They provide a "high" that encourages creativity, activity, and social character. Globally, there are at least 779 cannabis strains, each offering its own set of benefits to those who use them. Not all Sativa are alike, and not all Sativa has the high factor that comes with it. Although many people tend to gravitate towards strong Indian tribes, there are many Sativa that is just as impressive.

With thousands of cannabis strains having different effects, it's a little daunting to choose which Sativa to try, especially if you're new. So here we make things a little easier for you. These selections are a blend of Sativa strains that are some of the easiest to find, are known for their THC content, and are renowned for their weed culture.

Jack Here – Our Best Sativa Pick for Energy

Taking its name from the famous cannabis activist and author, Jack Herer is considered a complex blend of Northern Lights # 5, Shiva Skunk, and Haze. The strain is known for creating an evil blend of pine and spicy tones. A sniff, and you can detect the black pepper stacked on the needles.

When Jack is rolled in a blunt, most consumers expect Jack to provide a surge of brain energy that is great for everyday activities. Are you looking for a way to start the morning with the right awakening and cooking? Jack could be. Are you looking for energy before going to the lake? Jack might be worth it too.

Jack Herer was used to creating many other popular tribes, including Black Jack, Super Jack, and XJ-13.

Purple Haze – Our Best Sativa Pick for Creativity

We can't really be sure if this strain's name comes from Jimmi Hendrix's Purple Haze or vice versa. However, we know that this tribe brings an almost psychedelic experience with uplifting feelings. Unfortunately, PH can make you feel cold. Disorientation and strengthening of your senses to the point that loss of focus is quite common.

This gem comes from a well-formed cross between two native trunks; Purple Thai and Colombian Haze. This Sativa dominant hybrid (4: 1) usually reaches THC levels that do not deviate from normal values ​​in the range of 15-20%. Terpenes provide the scent of looks and blueberries, which are sure to please the berry lover.

Chocolope – Our Best Sativa Pick for Productivity

Sweet-tasting Sativa lovers are preparing to smile. Chocolope is an almost pure Sativa hybrid with an intense and sweet chocolate taste, reminiscent of the good old days of Chocolate Thai of the 1980s.

Chocolope can be pretty much a whole Sativa, but it won't keep you waiting either. The truly amazing chocolate was developed by crossing a beloved Thai chocolate baby from the 80s with Cannalope Haze, a deliciously sized Sativa-dominant champion. This cultivar boasts an irresistibly smoky, chocolate and coffee-colored aroma that gives way to a euphoric high that will stimulate your mind and please your sweet tooth. Known for its ease of growth, productivity, and very short flowering time for sativa, only 8-9 weeks!

Newcomers, beware! Amnesia Haze is an incredibly strong strain. It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid (up to 80%), and its THC content can reach 24%, although depending on the cut, the CBD goes up to 1%. It is an eclectic mix of tribes and is a cross between Hawaiian, Jamaican, Thai, and Cambodian Sativa, Haze, South Asian Indians, and Afghans!

Amnesia Haze – Our Best Sativa Pick for Depression

Amnesia Haze provides a sense of increased focus and motivation but also has a strong body and head, leading to intense psychotropic effects. It is known for its wonderful citrus scent and won first place at the Cannabis Cup in 2004, as well as winning the Sativa Cup in 2012.

Amnesia Haze, great for daily consumption, often leads to feelings of euphoria and provides an energetic and uplifting mood. People suffering from depression, stress, or anxiety can seek relief from this strain because it is guaranteed to brighten their day!

Moby Dick – Our Best Sativa Pick for Anorexia

Moby Dick, which was explicitly designed to provide strong therapeutic benefit, scores high on the THC front with levels up to 27%. This makes for a hell of a high that leaves users tense and euphoric at the same time! It is a cross between Haze and White Widow.

At 75% Sativa, Moby Dick promises a concentrated and creative maximum. However, high THC levels may promote laziness, which is an unusual feature of Sativa-dominant strains. Provides a pleasant feeling of body numbness with a strong and sometimes trippy vibration.

When it comes to therapeutic relief, Moby Dick is used to helping with stress, anxiety, and depression. It is also great for anorexia sufferers because users are often prone to the munchies. With citrus scents and a pleasant vanilla flavor, this strain is ideal if you're looking for a high that packs a punch!

Final thoughts on smoking Sativa

The Best Sativa strains for people with sweet teeth include Green Crack, Sunshine, and Strawberry Cough. For experimenters who enjoy a wide range of flavor profiles, Durban Poison, Sour Diesel, and Jack Herer will prove to be an interesting choice.

One way or the other, remember the THC content in your buds. For inexperienced users, we recommend a lower THC content, something like Strawberry Cough. Even for veterans, it's smart not to smoke too much of something powerful like Sour Tangie or GTH.

But overall, most Sativa got an uplifting effect on the mind and body. Not only do they offer great support for energy and focus, but your soul also travels to uncharted places, encouraging deep conversations and creative ideas.

This makes them more suitable for everyday use. A particularly nasty problem that requires a quick fix or some whimsical ideas for a novice writer - Sativa weed varieties can help with both.