CBD For Athletes: The Ultimate Guide

cbd for athletes

CBD also known as cannabidiol, already has mounting evidence confirming its potential to relieve symptoms associated with some of the most serious medical conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. It is also widely used by many users to reduce anxiety and relieve pain.

But those who are physically active and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle also use CBD as in their daily routine, and some professional athletes include CBD as part of their overall training regimens.

Is CBD legal for athletes?

CBD is approved by both the World Anti-Doping Agency and the US Anti-Doping Agency. However, there are some rules you should know:

Only cannabidiol is allowed in sports if you didn't know the technical term, cannabidiol = CBD.

So ... great, CBD is allowed. What's the problem?

Any other compound found in the cannabis plant is still banned. This means that you need to make sure your CBD does not contain any other "tagalong" compounds from the cannabis plant. It must be 100% pure CBD.

 To find out if you are taking pure CBD is to use a CBD isolate, not the full spectrum of CBD. You will also only need to purchase from companies that can provide third-party lab test results to prove their product does not contain THC.

The right adaptogen for athletes

Taking a study from 1969 into consideration, adaptogens are known as stimulants without causing side effects. Adaptogens are the elements that protect your nervous system and the neuroendocrine system from excessive exhaustion. 

CBD interacts with our body by activating our endocannabinoid system (ECS) and forming a network of internal cannabis-like substances as signals; CBD helps promote balance. With the activation of the ECS comes a kind of health and vitality in which homeostasis can be maintained.

  1. CBD relieves Stress

"Stress is a state of mental or emotional tension or tension resulting from adverse or difficult circumstances."

How is stress related to athletes?

This is because athletic activities themselves are a form of stress - they have to be overcome and adapted to them just like anything else.

As an athlete, you've probably experienced this battle before. The best workout plan carefully balances work and rest and carefully balances your nervous system on the delicate line between coolness and overtraining.

Finding this sweet spot isn't easy, but CBD really makes it easier. Regular supplementation can allow athletes to break past stress-induced limits move to new limits in the process.

  1. CBD heals inflammation

Inflammation: This is a potential barrier to optimal health for all of us. While a little inflammation is actually a good thing, chronic inflammation can lead to pain, illness, and weight gain.

None of these things are good for athletes, and inflammation is also one of the biggest obstacles to a quick recovery for them. Some turn to conventional NSAIDs to reduce pain and inflammation, but it's not viable either.

Relieve the lower back

The most common causes of low back pain are mechanical problems and soft tissue injuries. These injuries can include damage to the intervertebral discs, compression of the nerve roots, and improper movement of the spinal joints. CBD Topical will help you manage lower back problems. You can instantly target the area you want and give yourself relief, and you can safely use our theme over and over as needed throughout the day.

Joint relief

Knee injuries are common in the form of improper exercise, overload, or pre-injury injuries or operations. Use the Sports Stick on sore joints before and immediately after exercise. You will feel the discomfort disappear, and it will give you the right relief you want. Then use the cane to help with recovery and relief.

Leg relief

Arthritis, injury, overuse, or inflammatory conditions that affect the bones, ligaments, or tendons in the leg can cause foot pain. Injury to the nerves in the legs can cause intense burning pain, numbness, or tingling. CBD Sports Stick and Tincture will help you with relief from these injuries. To facilitate relief, we recommend using ProStick in the morning before the day and using ProStick with our tincture in the evening.

CBD regulates your Circadian Rhythm

A 2020 drug research study also highlighted CBD's potential to affect sleep. Research on animal models has found that CBD can be both a sleep-inducing agent and an arousal-promoting agent. This ability to produce opposite effects, known as biphasic, depends on the dose used and appears to work most successfully when the natural rhythm of sleep and wakefulness has been disrupted.

Lower doses of CBD are proven to keep you more alert, while higher doses can make you go numb. Both qualities can be helpful: While striving for a good night's sleep is invaluable before a big game, staying awake can also boost performance for athletes competing in long marathons or endurance events.

But are any of these advantages worth the performance in the field? Better recovery and healthy sleep may seem attractive, but not if they involve impaired balance or coordination.

CBD Products for athletes

As for the use of CBD for athletes, there may be several ways to consume or apply it. Oils and tinctures are among one the ideal forms of consuming it sublingually, which immediately enter the bloodstream and produce effects quickly. The oils and tinctures are ideal for pain relief and also for mental health, stress reduction, sleep, etc. CBD products are a great choice for effective pain relief, applied directly to the affected area. CBD regenerating cherries or cold therapeutic creams for a targeted application and are quickly absorbed by the skin. Drinks are another perfect choice for athletes. The drinks are usually packaged for the perfect dose and are ideal for consuming CBD on the go.

CBD is no doubt a great revolution in the world of sports in terms of pain relief, inflammation, and mental health. Since the compound is naturally derived, it can serve as an ideal substitute for traditional medications but should still be considered as potentially present in a drug test. Although CBD and THC are different and have different effects, there are interconnections, especially in the world of sports. If you refer to CBD as an athlete, always turn to reputable products and companies with accurate claims on the label and third-party lab test results.