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Is Buy Delta 8 THC Online Legit - Are they selling fake carts.

Is Buy Delta 8 Online A Scam?

Don't be fooled by the non branded name. We are a manufacturing company that provides white label carts to a lot of other brands on the market today. 

Are Buy Delta 8 Online Carts Fake?

Theres no such thing as a fake cart! 

Either the hardware is good or it's not.

Either the distillate used is the same as stated in the COA and it matches or it doesn't. 

Either the terpenes are cheap and shitty leaving a horrible taste, or they taste great. 

At we cut out the middle man. You are buying direct from a manufacture that produces over 30,000 carts a day for many of the same brands that charge you $50 and $60 for a 1ml cart. 

And if you think your order might not go out think again and watch this video. 


Proof of life from on Vimeo.