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/R/Delta8 Censoring Vendors and Shilling For Cannaclear 3 Chi and SkyH0 (Here is how we busted them)

A few days ago we donated over $3000 to the Susan Koman foundation in support of breast cancer awareness. 

One of the mods in the guilded server ( a chat server for the r/delta8 group) said that I donated to the "wrong charity", I pretty much told him to fuck off he has no right to tell me what charity to donate to.  Screenshots attached below. 

But before i get into that if you take a look at the pinned post you will see the comments defending us were all downvoted by an automated system.

Being censored for telling someone off is wrong. Especially after you give over $10,000 in product away to members of their little chat server. 

Anyone in support of us gets muted and banned. 

We started our own chat server on guilded that you can join by clicking here, and we also started our own subreddit, where we will hold vendors to a specific set of standards before allowing them into the community. 

You can't censor someone from a community because you don't like them or their views.  Join reddit.com/r/realdelta8 to become a member of a community that will do it's moderating properly, we have a few good vendors and others joining soon. 

And if you happen to be a vendor that has been affected by this horrible subreddits shannangins I encourage you to reach out to sean@buydelta8online.com so we can help you and bring you into our new community. 


Finally he sent this

Formic aka aVerymadfish